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293M Processed withdraws
18 Supported Countries

What you can do with ElkFunds

1. Send money to friends & family instant. (they must have an ElkFunds account)

2. Add Funds to the account with your Card, Bitcoin or PayPal

3. Receive money from anyone around the world (They must have an ElkFunds account)

4. Withdraw PayPal money straight to your bank account

5. Withdraw Bitcoins straight to your bank account

6. Use ElkFunds to receive payments from customers


Withdraw to any of these Banks


2. African Bank

3. Capitec

4. Bidvest Bank

5. FNB /RMB Bank

6. Discovery Bank

7. Standard Bank

8. Nedbank

9. TYME Bank

10. AccessBank (mukuru bank)


Why ElkFunds


System Security



Secured Funds
Instant Withdraw

High SSl Security

Our Services

What We Do as ElkFunds

About Us

ElkFunds helps you withdraw your PayPal USD to any Bank in South Africa, You can also Send, Receive digital currencies from commonly used E-currencies Bitcoin


We have partnered with Several companies for users to Receive their Funds and withdraw straight to their South African bank accounts with ease.


With ElkFunds you can send money to other users with an ElkFunds account. making it easy for users to send each other funds, instantly and quick.

Receive International transfers

You can receive money from anyone in the world, all they have to do is open an ElkFunds account and top-up the account, then they can use the 16 digit account number to send the funds.

Online shopping

being a shop owner without a payment gateway can be risky, as people can do fraudulent documents claiming they have send you funds and claim you must wait 3 days to clear, with ElkFunds sending money is instant, making it safe to receive funds.

E- Currency ( Bitcoin & PayPal )

If you have Bitcoins or PayPal money now its easy to withdraw straight to your Bank account with ease, all you have to do is go to ADD FUNDS and select your choice of top up, it can be Bitcoins or PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Commonly asked by Users

Here's how 1 : Open a ElkFunds account and sign in 2 :Select Add Funds from the menu 3 : Choose your choice of deposit (Card, Bitcoin or PayPal) 4: Select Top -Up now 5: And follow the on-screen prompts from there

1: PayPal deposits are instant. 2 : Bitcoin - When you make a deposit, it may take some time for your Bitcoin to arrive to us. We will allocate your deposit as soon as it arrives and we’ll send you an email notification.

Contact our live chat support, and will help you locate your deposit.

Bank transfers are approximately less than 12hours.

Withdraws straight into your bank account is only supported in South Africa.

Go to your dashboard and go to ADD FUNDS--> PAYPAL--> ENTER AMOUNT YOU WANT -->CONNECT TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT-->CHECK OUT your balance will loaded into your ElkFunds wallet instant.

Yes you can send anyone with a ElkFunds wallets money, all you need is the users 16 digit Account number located in their dashboard.

Few Steps to Get Started

  • 01. Register

    Go to our SIGN UP button and Sign up using your email

  • 02.Check your Email for the Verification Code

    Always check your spam folder

  • 03.Select any option

    Use your account number to receive funds from ElkFunds supporting Platforms

  • 04. Complete your profile

    Always use your real details

  • 05. Use our chat service if you having problems

    Live chat is availble from 8am till 8pm CAT

  • 06.Enjoy our service